The Foundation for Good Health: Good Food!


Exciting Things Are Going On 
At the Joy of Learning Center!

Marika Love, the Founder, will be honored in a Ceremony at the Buck Foundation for Founders of MARIN NONPROFITS, on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

To give back some of what she received during her healing, she founded the organization after recovering from a catastrophic illness.  She lost her home, husband, children, car, goats and health all at once in a multi-level breakdown.  It took seventeen years of counseling, wholistic therapies (especially Polarity), good nutrition and a complete makeover of her perspective on life before she could reconnect with all of her children and former husband.  Now the father has passed on; and  Marika's children are leading productive lives as they learn about living in the world.  They all practice wholistic health principles as much as possible, and are glad their Mom found them.  

The book "MARY'S GARDEN"  has
 been published!!   
It is a wonderfully illustrated story for "children of all ages".  It is available on Amazon (click here to order). All profits from sales of the book will support our programs, especially the Prosperity Project. 

THE PROSPERITY PROJECT:  We believe that good food is the foundation for good health, both for the planet and for human and animal bodies.  We also have noticed that the Latino community seems to have a close relationship with the Earth, and that they are here to help us make the shift to a more agrarian life style.  Americans are often too busy or too tired to do their own gardening.  These workers can help with the heavy work, create the gardens and make it possible to have home grown food.

FOR THE HOMELESS:  We are helping homeless people with donations of cash for them to be able to survive while seeking stable living situations.  Please contribute!  They really need your help.  You can donate through the donate button below.


  • Once again, we're providing food and clothing for some of the children who are homeless or having a struggle staying alive.  One is a family with two very young children. We are requesting donations of prepaid credit cards, or cash through the Donate button, to help these children.
  • Joy of Learning Center is aligned with the Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally (RDN Movement),  aiming to create the conditions and lifestyle of health.  For folks who don't want to follow a totally raw diet, we offer  products from the Moringa Tree.  To order these miraculous products call 415-499-0907. Please click here to send an email request for more information. 
  • Help Wanted:  If you have INTERACTIVE website design skills and would like to assist with the updating of our site, kindly call us at 415-499-0907.  Thank you!
  • We are awaiting funding for an Organic Farm in Sonoma County, CA.  While we wait, we are offering a TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL forPolarity Therapy Sessions.  Purchase one session, receive a second one FREE.  Call 415-499-0907 to schedule or for more information.  "The Issues in our Tissues" is a class that will start in September, 2016.  Call 414-499-0907 or email for more information.  First class is FREE!

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