Exciting Things Are Going On
At the Joy of Learning Center!

Our Escuela de Gardineria Organica (School of Organic Gardening) will have a Grand Opening on April 11, 2015!  We will be planting "plantitas" (little plants).  Refreshments will be served. See the Prosperity Project page for more details.

The book "MARY'S GARDEN"  has
been published!!
It is a wonderfully illustrated story for "children of all ages".  It is available on Amazon (click here to order). All profits from sales of the book will support our programs, especially the Prosperity Project. 


  • Once again, we're providing food and clothing for some of the children who are homeless or having a struggle staying alive.  One is a newborn baby!  We are requesting donations of prepaid credit cards, or cash through the Donate button, to help these children.
  • Joy of Learning Center is aligned with the Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally (RDN Movement),  aiming to create the conditions and lifestyle of health.  For folks who don't want to follow a totally raw diet, we offer  products from the Moringa Tree.  To order these miraculous products call 415-499-0907. Please click here to send an email request for more information.
  • Help Wanted:  If you have INTERACTIVE website design skills and would like to assist with the updating of our site, kindly call us at 415-499-0907.  Thank you!
  • We are awaiting funding for an Organic Farm in Sonoma County, CA.  While we wait, we are offering a TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL for Polarity Therapy Sessions.  Purchase one session, receive a second one FREE.  Call 415-499-0907 to schedule or for more information.


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THE JOY OF LEARNING CENTERS was born from a healing crisis that its Founder, Marika Love, experienced.  After a lengthy recovery, Marika decided to give back what the Universe gave to her:  low cost living situations; affordable wholistic healing sessions; nutritional and herbal therapies; a home and a family to receive the children she lost during her illness.    Through our programs, we intend to transform negative human energies into a powerful force for healing humanity and the earth.

Since its beginnings in May, 1992, the Joy of Learning Center has also provided low cost housing and wholistic health information to over 200 low-income renters.  Many of these renters have overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol while living here.

The Four Programs

1.  The Family Home Project:
  A share rental home in Marin County, CA where low income people live and can choose to practice lifestyle changes to improve their health. 

2.  The Prosperity Project:  A program creating organic Edible Landscapes and farms in local yards and open spaces.  Watch for announcements about our Organic Community Garden.  We're seeking community gardeners for this year.  Start now and be ready for Spring planting!!

3.  "Let's Get Healthy!": Affordable services, classes and information on improving health naturally: Bodywork, counseling, and Organic Gardening.  

4.  Marika's Writings:  Marika h
as documented her healing in several ways:  Books, Articles, Children's Stories and Poetry.  To order information, you can write or call:

The Joy of Learning Centers 

4 Birch Way, San Rafael, CA  94903

Phone: 415-499-0907

Or click here to send an email.


Do you live in an apartment or on a boat where you can't do much gardening?  Do you want to grow some of your own food?  We have a small plot in a semi-shaded area available for you for $60.00 per year. There will be two larger, sunnier plots available next November for winter gardening.  Start your plants inside at home and bring them over.   Call 415-499-0907 to check it out.

Take a look at what we have been doing:

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